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Frumos GoTcha

Mesaj Scris de s!mpLE la data de Joi Oct 30, 2008 9:41 am

You have the flag and the opposing team are going to hunt you down til they get it!
You're going to have dodge a barrage of exploding coloured pellets to make it - you're only a step away from Victory.

* Team sport in Ego-Perspective
* League mode with 28 teams
* Illegal duels against 6 top underground players
* 17 playgrounds all over the world
* 12 high-tech markers
* Compressed air weapons with coloured pellets
* Coloured grenades
* 12 male and 6 female characters
* Capture the Flag and other playing modes
* Perfect physical simulation
* Multi-player mode on the Internet and local network
This RIP has an easy install with uninstall feature. It installs Start- and Desktop shortcuts and is compressed like hell... (UHARC compression) This game is really worth it. Even for your children, it contains no violence and is still amusing for old and young... And the best part is, you an play it online without need of any serial... Gotcha.part1.rar Gotcha.part2.rar Gotcha.part3.rar



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